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Where Street IQ Meets Book IQ: A Kool as Nerdz Interview with Mike Wade

In the past few months, we’ve been featuring youth who embody our trademarked brand:  “Where Street IQ Meets Book IQ.”  We encourage you to share this story with the hope that other youth will come forward and share their story, as well. We need your help to spread the message about the importance of Pro-Education.  Here’s our interview with Mike Wade.

Tell us about your business.urban clothing

Well, to tell you about my business is to tell you about myself. Acting is my profession, so I am my business. The goal of my business is "to Inspire people to live better lives."  After seeing my films, I want people to walk away with a "can do" attitude. I want to inspire people to bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

What challenges have you faced and overcome?

The first challenge is being the best person that I can be. This does not mean being perfect. It means staying true to myself and what really matters to me. Not allowing myself to be seduced by money or fame. It means being humble enough to correct mistakes when they are pointed out. This challenge was overcome by being my true self. Not who I thought others wanted me to be or what I thought would help my career.

Another challenge is that of knowledge and direction. When I began to pursue a career in acting I knew nothing about the business. I had to network, take acting classes and learn the business of acting. This gave me the knowledge and direction that I needed.

My next challenge was applying what I learned in school to the real world. An important part of this is being able to adapt. Not everything you learn in school will apply to the real world, at least not in the way you imagined it. I have to continuously adapt to new information. 

What’s your dream for the future?

My dream for the future is to be a "household name", to be someone that people trust. Being a celebrity does not make my words more valid than anyone else's, still some will be more apt to listen to me because of this. So I plan to continue to use my influence to steer our youth in the right direction. To encourage them to think critically about everything and to keep their goals in mind, daily.

I plan to write scripts, produce films and eventually direct. I am currently writing my first screenplay, something I did not plan to do until later in my career but as I mentioned earlier, you must be able to adapt.

My dream for the future is to end homelessness, hunger and poverty. This is a dream that I am not sure how to bring into reality. However, I believe the part that I will play in this will soon be revealed.

In one phrase or sentence, what does mentoring mean to you?


This includes money, time and encouragement. Taking the time to encourage someone could be all they need to put them on the path to greatness.

If you had one wish for today’s youth, what would it be?

That they would "Dare to Dream". Be courageous enough to have a goal. The larger the better. Believe that you are capable and take the first step towards fulfilling that dream. Everything else you need will be provided, in due time. When you have a dream, you will live your life accordingly. When you do not have a dream you will also live your life accordingly. I want the youth to see the relevance in that.

In your opinion, name some characteristics of someone who embodies the Kool As Nerdz brand “Where Street IQ Meets Book IQ.”

  • One who pursues Knowledge
  • Able to adapt in the face of change
  • "Book Smarts" combined with common sense
  • Question what you learn

If there is anything else you wish to add, please feel free.

Be a leader. Find a way to make learning fun. The pursuit of knowledge never ends, be grateful for this. Always ask yourself what you can learn, even from situations that appear to be negative. See yourself as capable. Find something you are passionate about, passion is the best motivator. Seek to help others, life is more fulfilling that way.

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